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  • sumpter — noun Etymology: Middle English, short for sompter hors, from sompter driver of a packhorse, from Anglo French sumeter, from Vulgar Latin *sagmatarius, from Late Latin sagmat , sagma packsaddle, from Greek; akin to Greek sattein to pack, stuff… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Sumpter — A packhorse; also the driver of a sumpter horse. This was the kind of horse used in great numbers in a *baggage train. Sumpter bears no relation to sumptuary. [< AnNor. sumer < Lat. sagmarius, sagmatarius = a saddle] Cf. Regalia …   Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases

  • sumpter — early 14c., driver of a pack horse, from O.Fr. sommetier, from V.L. *sagmatarius a pack horse driver, from L.L. sagmat a pack, burden, stem of sagma packsaddle, from Gk. sagma, probably related to sattein to pack, press, stuff. Used from mid 15c …   Etymology dictionary

  • sumpter — /ˈsʌmptə/ (say sumptuh) noun Obsolete 1. a pack or saddlebag. 2. the driver of a packhorse. {Old French som(m)etier, from Vulgar Latin *sagmatārius, from sagma pack saddle} …  

  • sumpter — [sump′tər] n. [ME sompter, pack horse, orig., driver of a pack horse < OFr sometier < LL * sagmatarius < LL sagma (gen. sagmatis), packsaddle: see SUMMER2] a pack animal …   English World dictionary

  • sump|ter — «SUHMP tuhr», noun, adjective. –n. a horse or mule for carrying baggage; pack animal. –adj. for carrying baggage: »Camels, mules, and horses are sumpter animals. ╂[Middle English sumter < Old Frensommetier < Vulgar Latin sagmatārius <… …   Useful english dictionary

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